Mr. Prasanna Mishra

Mr. Prasanna Mishra is the in-charge of laboratory department in Bheri hospital, Banke district. He has 14 years’ experience working in this field from private sector to the government. He is responsible for overall management of the hospital laboratories, including administration and technical aspects,  along with high volume molecular diagnosis of COVID19 in RT-PCR lab.

Prasanna started his job in government sector from 2014, placed in district health office, Bardiya as district laboratory supervisor and from 2016 also the department of statistics. He completed his bachelor degree in laboratory science (BSC. MLT) from H.N.B. Gharwal University, Dheradun, India in 2006 and completed his Masters in Public Health from Northern University Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has received TOT (training of trainers) of laboratory management system conducted from National Public Health Laboratory. He is also trained in early infant diagnosis of HIV and in sample storage and transport of biological hazard sample compliant with IATA guidelines.

In this project, Prasanna will supervise the swab collection, data collection, labelling, transportation, aliquoting & proper storage of the specimens, perform RNA extraction & RT-PCR of the samples from Bheri hospital and liaise with CMDN and BNMT teams to ensure sample quality and standardized operating procedures.