Pranav Kumar Yadav

Pranav Kumar Yadav is the Senior Medical Technologist, at Covid-19 PCR Lab, Department of Pathology, Koshi Hospital, Morang. Pranav is the B.Sc. MLT and M.Sc. Clinical Microbiology (Gold Medalist) level degree holder, working in government services from 2018. He was awarded with Nepal Vidhya Bhusan Padak “KHA” by the President of Nepal in 2018. Previously he worked at Udayapur District Hospital, Gaighat & NPHL, Teku.

He received training in fungus culture and chromatography, mice inoculation for drug sensitivity testing against Mycobacterium leprae and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) & SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of Mycobacterial DNA and training on blood collection, blood grouping, transfusion transmitted infection testing, compatibility testing, blood component preparation, storage and supply from Nepal Red Cross Society, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In the Epidemic Intelligence project, his major role will be to supervise the swab collection, labelling, data collection, transportation, aliquoting and storage of the specimens, perform RNA extraction & RT-PCR of the sample, and liaise with BNMT and CMDN teams to ensure sample quality and standardized operating procedures.