Rajindra Napit

Rajindra Napit is the Lab Manager and Molecular Genetics Researcher at Centre for Molecular Dynamic Nepal (CMDN) /INPL. He designs, executes and manages molecular genetics based research across a broad spectrum of topics. His has an MSc in Biotechnology with specialization in Molecular biology. His area of focus is whole genome sequencing, 16s metagenomics and shotgun metagenomics with emphasis on its implication for public health from a One- Health perspective. Currently, he is primarily focusing on genomic surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 analyzing environmental and clinical samples; development of large scale SARS-CoV-2 detection and characterization using Miseq/MinION as an alternative to classical diagnosis using RT-PCR with variant level detection perspective. His previous experience includes work on novel virus discovery in USAID-PREDICT, AMR genes and typhoid prevalence using environmental surveillance in Gates foundation-funded typhoid prevalence study in collaboration with MIT.

Additionally, he is also involved in vaccine development and production in BIOVAC Nepal Pvt. Ltd, developing thermostable vaccines against Newcastle disease virus for poultry.