Rajesh Man Rajbhandari

Rajesh Man Rajbhandari is a research professional at the Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) /INPL, working in the areas of Public Health, Disease Surveillance, Social Health, One Health, Biomedical Research and Environmental Research at both the genetic level in the lab and the field.

In the last 14 years of working as the Program Director in CMDN, he has had the privilege of being part of many major successfully implemented projects. He was involved in major research projects such as PREDICT project- an emerging disease pandemic threat assessment project funded by USAID,  Nepal funded Nepal Tiger Genome Project (USAID Vaccine Exemplars Project-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey, Acquired HIV DR Survey and various rounds of Intergraded Biological and Behavioral Surveillance Survey in different key populations (PWID, FSW, Labor Migrants and MSM) . He coordinates and collaborates with governmental, non-governmental, private, and public institutes in research and programs.