Parmananda Bhandari

Mr. Parmananda Bhandari is the Senior Medical Technologist at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, Kathmandu. He is assigned as the focal person of the hospital for the Epidemic Intelligence project. Previously, Parmananda worked as a Medical technologist at Siddhartha Children and Woman Hospital (AMDA Nepal Butwal for 3 years and Lab Technician at TUTH and SCWH).  He was actively involved in establishing lab at Human Organ Transplant Centre, new molecular and general clinical Lab at Aarogya foundation, Bhaktapur and in Civil service hospital, Kathmandu.

Parmananda has the rich experience of operating and maintaining different lab instruments such as Luminex platform; Qiagen manual and automated molecular platform; Vitreous bio and immune platform; Roche Immuno and biochemistry platform; BD fax automated blood culture system; Sysmex; Beckman; analytican; Human, ERBA, Hematology platform; Medica, ERBA Biochemistry platform; BD flow cytometry platform.

He earned MA in Political Science from TU in 2010; BMLT from Institute of medicine Maharajgunj Campus (TU) in 2002 and completed CMLT from same institute in 1998.